Innovation and Quality in Asilnur Kimya

Manufacturing excellence meets sustainable innovation in our toothpaste production facility. Whether for private brands or contract manufacturing, we ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality and reliability in every tube.


We believe that quality is the foundation of a great product and customer satisfaction.


With over 15 years of production and branding experience, we offer reliable products.


We ensure the sustainability of our products by using renewable resources.

We are a leading manufacturer of toothpastes, personal care and cleaning products.

Founded in 2008, our company is a leading manufacturer in the toothpaste category and operates in the Turkish, European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. We offer services in the fields of contract toothpaste, private label production, personal care and household cleaning products development. With our experienced team, flexible production systems and competitive solutions. We meet the needs of our customers at the highest level.
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Our Services & Our Solutions

Our wide range of services and solutions are designed to meet all customer needs and requirements. We continuously develop innovative solutions to exceed our customers’ expectations while maintaining quality and reliability standards in our products.

Private Label

We produce private label toothpastes, shampoos and detergents of your own brand in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Research and Development

We lead research and development projects on new products with a team of specialized chemists and engineers.

Consulting Service

We provide consultancy services on formulation, production, certification, branding, labeling, packaging and export.

Product Development

We design new products and variations according to customer specifications quickly, professionally and with high quality.

Contract Manufacturing

We provide contract production support for our customers' brands in accordance with international quality standards.

Project Management

We offer turnkey solutions to our customers in project management and carry out projects from start to finish.

Our Production & Products

Toothpaste, personal care products according to customer needs and requests and household cleaning products.


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Akşemsettin Mah. Cem Sultan Cd. No:2/2
34925 Sultanbeyli İstanbul


+90 216 377 5 377



Founded in 2008, our company operates as a manufacturer in Turkey, Europe, the Middle East and Asia markets by continuously improving its high quality and innovative products in the categories of toothpaste, personal care and cleaning products.



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